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Progressive Publishing Alternatives (PPA): Providing publishing outsourcing services to meet your unique needs.

A reliable source for effective content developmentproduction services, nurturing your projects from concept to completion. Whether you're interested in full-service publishing, book publishing services, or e-book publishing, our professional staff focuses on your project, managing every minute detail.

We collaborate with authors and colleagues, provide and maintain editorial direction and standards, interact with illustrators and printers, and set parameters to ensure high-quality book production, publishing, and services. We offer full-service publishing outsourcing and are proud to be one of the top professional proofreading and copyediting companies in the country.

Our primary goal is growing your publications into strong, competitive products. That's what we do. If you are interested in any of our publishing outsourcing services please contact us today!

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With the new year upon us, spend January cleaning up email by deleting old messages and archiving folders; your computer will thank you for it and run more efficiently. Clean out paper and electronic files, too, especially old files residing on ftp sites. Start the new year right by clearing out that clutter!